1st French
hosting company
ARM® specialist

Your dedicated server
on ARM® architecture
with IPv6 support !


Located in France.
Exploiting Hautes-Pyrénées
Public Initiative Network.

NX-BOX, the dedicated server renewed by NanoXion !

NX-BOX service powered by NanoXion makes new kinds of hosting solutions come true, through the integration of nanodevices providing an efficient, dedicated and unexpensive solution, participating to sustainable development principles thanks to their low energy needs.

ARM® Architecture

From 3,5 Watts for PiBOX to 6 Watts for CubieBOX, it will be difficult to find a more ecofriendly server...

Drop your VPS (Virtual Private Server) for a real "green" dedicated server for the same price.

IPv4 or IPv6 ?

To cope with the imminent shortage of IPv4 adresses, NanoXion offers to start your "new generation" dedicated server directly with IPv6...

"Dual-Stack" or "IPv6 Only" ? Follow this inherent trend towards progress and modernity !

Secure & Innovative

Our secure and reliable professional hosting environment gives our NX-BOX additional features, such as guaranteed quality of service and security.

The entire architecture has been redesigned to achieve the best performance.

Arouse your curiosity

New Experience

Thanks to state-of-the-art devices, take the control of your own dedicated server ! Store your photos, monitor your network or manage your infrastructure... Our products widen your leeway for use !

New Trend

Economical, ecofriendly and customized, these are the qualities of our NX-BOX. Surfing the wave of technological miniaturization, your BOX sets in a sustainable development policy...

New Approach

We are aware of the future of automation systems and particularly with the advent of the "Internet of Things". We anticipate the future by providing the hosting of your own control center in a secure environment.

New Addict ?

You want to benefit from a reliable and efficient hosting plan to manage your current and future resources ? Join now !